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Audio Converter Plus 6.2

Convert your CD tracks and audio files into the most common formats
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Given the number of different devices that we use to enjoy our favorite music, audio conversion into various formats has become a common task for all music lovers. Audio Converter Plus offers you a simple way of turning your CDs and audio files into formats that your handheld or other portable devices can play back with the best quality possible without taking up most of their resources.

This straightforward utility comes with the basic functionality you need to rip your CDs or to re-encode existing audio files into more convenient formats. No audio playback, no tag manager, no audio editing – just a sufficient selection of audio codecs (both lossless and lossy) and good use of multi-core CPUs capabilities to provide you with quick and good-quality output files. The tool can convert individual files and entire folders with or without any sub-folders it may contain, and each of the output codecs supported can be slightly customized for each conversion process.

You can check the properties of any of the files on the conversion list before launching the conversion task. This will allow you to check the original codec and the level of quality, as well as which metadata are already included in the file (among title, artist, album, year, and genre). If ticked on the settings dialog, Audio Converter Plus can transfer any existing tags to the resulting file, as well as retain the original creation date and time. Additionally, the program can normalize the audio of all the converted files to level the differences in volume among tracks.

Audio Converter Plus performs as expected and provides support for all the most common and popular audio codecs. This limited functionality, however, is also present in a number of free audio conversion tools available on the web, which may make its price tag look a bit higher than expected.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Transfers the audio tags to the converted files
  • Includes an audio normalizer
  • Supports both lossless and lossy codecs
  • Rips any audio CD to WAV or other format


  • Does not offer audio playback capabilities
  • A bit pricey for the functionality it offers
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